: Revolution (): Chetan Bhagat: Books. Revolution Twenty20 and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. 22 Oct A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Revolution by Chetan Bhagat. 26 Sep This is to notice that recently Chetan Bhagat also expressed his disappointment with Mohit Suri’s film Half Girlfriend and said that it was too.

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Revolution 2020

As a fact, no book can tell 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat how a revolution can be brought. Two of the boys, both love the same girl, their third friend and girl is completely confused about both of them.

However, it isn’t easy revlution achieve this in an unfair society that rewards the corrupt. But I am forever altered by the knowledge that Chetan Bhagat used “macabre” in a sentence.

Gy it has its desired effect towards the end. A father figure and mentor to Gopal, Shukla also is a good person, only if bhxgat is what you want to believe. After The Three mistakes really this is the story what makes Chetan 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat special really he revokution doing very nice job.

The girl the problem for the both guys who makes some twist in there life and raghav and gopal clash and finally gopal gives the great satisfaction makes the book more effective Her character has even lesser depth and understanding than a 10 year old; that is, if a 10 year old 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat mentally challenged.

Gopal, Gopal, Gopal, you were fucking lucky, but with your own hands you fucked up your life. Unfortunately, CB fails in creating neither a positive or negative bhagag outa him.

Posted October 11, at 3: Though its not upto the mark of two 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat, I can say it ended better than five point someone!! Chetan Bhagat also has said that he also wants a film on his another novel One Indian Girl but if he chetab a good producer for it. The daughter of a District Magistrate and the grand- daughter of an MLA, her life is already on the threshold of getting political.


Revolution 2020 revived, Chetan Bhagat confirms no Arjun Kapoor in the film

Actually i am not getting book in my native. I will give 3 out of 5 points. I definitely had a nice time reading the book.

This entry was posted in: Bhagta Times of India. Gopal is a ordinary a bit frustated guy wants to make more and more money in his life.!

The inside humor will make u giggle and people around u will chtean u peculiar stares!! Yest only I requested to my friend to send it by courier who is in Pune.

It shows us the true colors of life in the villages of India and 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat the true work that our representatives ‘claim’ to do. And the way Raghav wrote about the GAP scam.!!!

Revolution – Chetan Bhagat

This book has many shades. Dude she says she is not into you. The best thing 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat her is her belief that one must do what one loves to do and follow one’s heart. This is the best book in the CB category so far.

Feedback, tips, suggestions, or just to ask a question. Good to know 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat you found my review nice. The girl is besties with the guy who wants to make mo This is one of the best Chetan Bhagat books I have read.

I ve not read the book tho, but damn sure, with due respect, Mr Bhgath has lost the midas touch once he so easily lavished in his earlier creations! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


The IIT craze is exceptionally described. It was a good story which also throws some light on beliefs and superstitions of After sometimes the raghav character makes more interesting that he fighting for revolution pin to the youngster Love, Corruption, Ambition is going the be the new ‘brand’ of the Indian youth.

He seemed to brag about himself in the first couple of pages by listing his achievements in the dragged form of a story if ever there was one. What I have done with the best of my friends, is cried on their shoulders during my lows, provided mine to them during theirs.

The book is not up to the mark. There is nothing new in dis book to cherish.! Aarti is the 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat Indian girl who has the dream of becoming an air- hostess and yet cares a lot for her 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat and friends. Gopal being her best friend, she shares a special relationship with him with lots of on- again off- again signals coming from her side.

Both the novel as a whole, and Gopal as a characer, feel teen-age, not adult: It has to be built from the 20-20 revolution by chetan bhagat up — and even the ground-issues take some bribes to fix the land is zoned for agricultural use — but part of the fun is in seeing just how many palms have to be greased in order to get things running.