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There are hybrids too, including Little Masters with Type A feet. Bowls I he lekane, a heavy dish with ribbon handles 1 19, 29], is an early black figure shape which survives to the period of Lydos. His later lekythoi become slimmer. Amasis signs eight black figure vases, all decorated by one artist.

Another measure of their popularity was the way in which the shape was copied in stone, for jewellery, for small perfume vases and for icd figure vases decorated with various scenes. But most surviving signatures seem to be of potters or owners, and that they were 1 1 I inscribed by painters who by choice or necessity remained anonymous is a reflection upon the importance ot the potter in the industry, an importance which we, preoccupied with the decoration, may too easily torget.

Acropolis, similarly inscribed for runners, one of whom has still the old fashioned red face. Several ofhis vases are in a paler clay than the usual Attic but most of his work is from Athens itself. There arc mastoid cups [], with or without handles; a variety of footed cups, usually with a single figure tondo, and cup sky- phoi 1 ].

Athenian Black Figure Vases | W. W. Norton & Company

Jacquie rated it really liked it Aug 27, Where Group E usually has interlaces of lotus and palmette in the older manner, Exekias has chains with hoop links not tendrilsand although on. We might wonder why two cup types such as these were developed and so long remained equally popular with painters and customers. There is detail and colour here to 1 he point of fussiness, relieved by the verve of the fighting groups and the extremely sympathetic treatment of the animals, from the wasp shield device i” t he sacrificial beasts accompanied by the man with a case of wicked looking knives.


Azem rated it it was amazing Jun 11, Among his works are tall necked amphorae [3iwhich seem a ritual shape. Yale University Press London: The animal head shield blazons are particularly distinctive [37]. Cassel cups, have a rather flat, band cup shape and are generally small ].

BOARDMAN JOHN Athenian Black Figure Vases.pdf [ 1997] Αντιγραφή

The influence of metal vases on the shapes of clay vases is worth a moment’s attention. The vases refer to the former. The vase necks usually carry a lotus and palmette cross or interlace, and below the main scene on the shoulder come two or three friezes ol animals, one of which may be replaced by a floral.

There was a Pharaoh Ahmosis ruling Egypt from bc, probably too late for the Greek to be named after him at birth. Several new vase shapes and schemes ol I I.

This is revealed by refinement of lip and foot profiles, and attention to, for instance, the modelling of less important areas like the underfoot – features which can serve as criteria for the identification of potter work as effectively as details ol drawing can the painting.

I’he decoration too sometimes copies Chalcidian, the eyes being supplied with noses and satyr ears, and all known proveniences are Italian with one possible exception in Athens.

Polly Kogia rated it it was amazing Aug 24, I hey are chosen for their quality or for their special interest in some forms ot decoration or shapes. Amphorae I he large neck amphorae ofthe late seventh century 1 3 1 derive fihure Protoattic shapes and do not long continue to be made.

Bocotia and East Greece for whole figures and major elements of decoration One of the first uses in Athens vades on a Nikosthenic amphora was this anoihei of his innovations? Sometimes the trainer is introduced or a victor is shown bringing Ins horse in 1 The columns slim to an impos- il.


In these circumstances it is odd that two of the onc-handled kanlharoi In ar Athenian funerary scenes since vessels so decorated were usually for local use, but these travelled west 1 ].

The standard eye cup shape- had many variants, especially with the one piece profile Type 13 of which there are examples painted by Amasis with the figures between the eyes, painted in free field 1 84], without lines or paint on the lower body or stem of the cup. It may seem too easy to romance, even holarly, but we lose a lot in our understanding of antiquity by letting lists Hi’I shapes and alleged affinities dominate study.

The whole range of footed cups, from the komasi to eye cups, is well represented in black but not lip cups. Antidoros some have called them Antidoran cups and Nikosthcnes sign examples, the former using the under-foot for the inscription 1 ]. His style is ambitious, lively but rarely precise 1 ].

Clay analysis by emission spectrography has helped to isolate these pieces from the Athenian series, and the same technique helps 11s to place the I I ybi.

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The general effect is, of coins. We have noticed some Little Master cups by the three great mid century painters in the last section and there will be others noticed later. Other sixth- and early fifth-century miniatures decorated u 11I1 stripes and blobs notably kothons, jugs and feeders seem to have been1stined for funerary deposits in Athens, bardman all for children.