22 Mar Navratri puja is most popular Indian festival in which Nav Durga Puja is done at every home. Nav Durga Puja is worship of 9 forms of Durga. 18 Mar Navratri Puja with Ghat Sthapana is the biggest popular festival of India. Navratri Puja continues for 9 days. Learn Navratri puja vidhi. 19 Mar Navratri puja vidhi – Nava means nine and ratri means night so navratri means nine nights, and it tenth day is known as dashmi and is.

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Navratri is celebrated throughout India; people celebrate it by fasting on all nine days and by worshiping the mother goddess in different forms. Goddess Durga is Worshipped under durga puja vidhi in different names duga Navratri. So, you may follow your custom of placing Ghata. It’s Durga Puja once again. Chandraghanta is form of Maa Durga who rides on Tiger.

Durga Puja Vidhi | Shodashopachara Durga Puja during Navratri

When they enter the house, wash their feet with water and offer them a comfortable seat inside the home. Place it on the lid of the kalash.

Akshat raw rice 7. Wave the arati to Maa Durga, Ghat and the deities present in the ghat. After Dakshina offering, books vifhi now worshipped which durga puja vidhi in used during Durga Puja while chanting the following Mantra. Durga Saptashati is the glory of majesty of Mother Goddess Durga, which she expressed in battlefield. She gives eternal bliss by knowledge of Supreme Self God.


Navratri Puja Vidhi, Ghat Sthapana, Durga Puja & Visarjan Vidhi

Now durga puja vidhi in Rituphala to Vidgi Durga while chanting following Mantra. Keep Ghat at your house. Offer Panchopachaar to the deities invoked this means worshipping with five durga puja vidhi in including scent, flower, incense smoke, camphor light and dishes cooked. Chana, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Ghee for 9th day food preparation.

Navratri Fasting Rules If you prefer, you can observe fasting over the nine days of Navratri in the prescribed manner.

Navratri 2018 Puja for Nine Days

Goddess Durga is workshipped in nine days as respectively:. You can invite girls in number 1 to 9 as per your capacity.

In this form Maa Durga rides a vodhi and carries sword, noose and trident with one hand in blessing durga puja vidhi in in this form she is dark and repulsive in appearance.

Things required for Panchopchar:. Invocation for Navratri Puja Light the lamp and incense sticks. Now offer Narikela coconut to Goddess Durga while chanting following Mantra.

The special menu for this day is Halwa, Poori and Chana. On ninth day, prepare food for durga puja vidhi in. Preparations for Navratri Puja Set up the altar, spread the red cloth on puma, place the idol or picture of Maa Durga. Ekveni japakarnppra nagn kharaasthita lamboshthi karnika karni tailaabhyaktshariirini Vaam paadollasalloohlata kantakbhushanaa bardhan moordham dhwajaa krishnaa kalratribhayankari.


Navratri Pooja Vidhi| Durga Puja | Download | Hindi|Benefits

Indian supermodels and the number 5. On first day, do Ghat Sthapna at your home. Offer Sindoor vermilion to Durga.

Chandrahaasojjval karaa shaardoolvarvaahanaa katyani shubham dadyaad devi daanavghatini. Keep all the items required for Chowki sthapana at the place of durga puja vidhi in. How to read time shown as In this form Durga Maa is four armed and carries lotus, sword and shield and she rides a lion. She holds sword and Varmudra in two right hands. Do worship of Kalash or Ghat with Panchopchar.

Puja begins with the meditation and invocation of Goddess Durga.

Though there are total five types of navratri in a year but sharadiya Navratri is most popular. Hence after Durga Puja, girls are invited for the sumptuous meal and offered Dakshina i. The Ganga jal in the sacred pot can be sprinkled on the heads durga puja vidhi in all the family members and in all places durrga the household.

Offer Mewa Dry fruits to Durga. She holds a torch and abhaya mudra in left two hands.