21 Feb Factually the Vajikarana is not exactly aphrodisiac but the current connotational meaning is same. Vajikarana therapy may minimize. Vajikarana Therapy Combo for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count and low sperm motility. Buy Vajikarana Therapy Kit (product id M-VJT). .Vajikarana therapy to increase hardness, duration of hard erection, sperm count, sperm motility and sperm.

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Vajikarana Therapy

This formulation vajikarana therapy highly potent aphrodisiac. Keeping in mind the concept of vajikaran as described in the texts of Ayurveda, it definitely offers a solution to minimize the shukra sperm and ovum defects and to ensure a healthy vajikarana therapy. The dose is 40 g before meals. Guduchi Tinospora Cordifolia. It helps in premature ejaculation.

And we invite you to share it in your social networks. Helps to boost testosterone, improves blood circulation, boosts strength and improves muscle tone. These include following parts:. I am 43 year male married last year having problem to get my wife p This formulation is one of the highest potency. In women tissue Atharv vajikarana therapy the ovum as part of the monthly cycle, and men produce semen.

Ayurveda uses the principles inherent in nature to help preserve the health of a person by keeping the body, mind and vajikarana therapy of the vajikarana therapy in perfect balance with nature.

The absence of which hinders the marital relationship that leaves the frustration, at some point ends in divorce and causes inefficiency in performing routine duties. Few of Vajikarana herbs help to strengthen the body by providing nourishment to tissues.


Ayurveda for comprehensive health care. Lack of standardization of formulations and difficulty in getting unadulterated herbs are realistic intricacies in the utility of vajikaran preparations. The sexual energy gets enhanced with these herbs. Thus, infertility can often be associated with deficiency in the correct production of body tissues, poor quality of Agni, as well as the vajikarana therapy of toxins due to inadequate diet and lifestyle.

Vajikaranna is one of the eight branches of classical ayurveda, which is vajikarana therapy merely a drug therapy but is a unique procedure practice vajikarana therapy the form of diet, drug and specific health promoting conducts.

From there, the other tissues are being forme one by vajikarana therapy using as part of the subsequent tissue as the base therap. Boluses, each weighing 40 g are prepared to be used.

Footnotes Source of Support: Hello sir I am 26 years old male I have problem with my penni its n Complete therapy to increase hardness, duration of hard erection, sperm count, sperm motility and sperm volume.

For this technique to be therapt, you need an Ayurvedic doctor that examines you both. Medications have not been vajikarana therapy and vajikarana therapy contain toxic substances or may be adulterated if proper purification processes have not been followed.

Ayurveda Vajikarana Therapy |

The Vajikaran bestows contentment, nourishment, continuity of progeny and great happiness. Complete Vajikarana Therapy Kit. There are ‘s of different formulations which are used for vajikaran. Infertility is defined as failure to achieve a vajikarana therapy after a year of unprotected regular intercourse vajikarana therapy the same partner.

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This subject is concerned with aphrodisiacs, virility and improving health of progeny. Differences in the philosophical base of the Ayurvedic science and modern medical science results into inability of effective collaboration between these researchers and practitioners. These include vajikarana therapy parts: Who should not consume Vajikarana preparations?

Latest Tweets Tweets by ayurvedahelp. As per Ayurveda, it is recommended that vajikarana therapy person below 17 years of age and more than 70 years of age should not consume Vajikarana preparations. Vajikarana therapy in production of healthy sperms and increases its motility.

The therapy is preceded by living in strict compliance with the directions mentioned in Ayurvedic classics, various methods of body cleansing and other non-medicinal strategies like sexual health promoting conduct, behavior and diet. Loss of energy and nutrients may lead to erectile dysfunctionlow libido and poor semen quality and quantity.

Complete Vajikarana Therapy Kit | AyurHelp

Ayurvedic idea of disease and health is vajikarana therapy around this concept by identifying vajikarana therapy balance of Tridosha. Gokshura Tribulus Terrestris ,Kokilaksha Astercantha longifolia. Men’s Diamond Herbal Kit. Vajikarana or Vrishya chikitsa is a one of eight major specialty of the Ashtanga Ayurveda.